About Me.

Fascinated by filmmaking, Peter began his journey through life in the small village of Iruekpen, in Edo State, Nigeria.

Peter attended Lagos State polytechnics ( college), where he studied Business Administration and received his degree in Business.

Peter received a secondary degree from THE PENCIL FILM AND TELEVISION INSTITUTES in Cinematography.

Peter’s love for filmmaking, particularly documentaries, continues to propel his passion for storytelling. Which has allowed him to screen his works in various film festivals, internationally and domestically. Several of his films have won awards globally.

He has been recognized by the California State Senate, for his outstanding achievements in. “Using film as a vehicle for community engagement and education and strengthening the culture with his passion and creativity.”

Peter was among 10 Nigerian storytellers selected to join, Amplify Fellowship by Akoma in 2017 that focuses on developmening stories throughout the continent of Africa.

He continues to work as a Documentary filmmaker and a videographer in America and throughout the continent of Africa. Peter was invited by ONE WORLD MEDIA in the UK for a documentary forum to discuss one of his films.

He was recognized by The New American Museum and San Diego Filipino Cinema as a guest documentary filmmaker and screened (BREAKING FORTH) along with a community discussion panel, highlighting his work.

In a collaboration with his wife, Peter is currently creating a documentary series around black veterans in America. The series was featured in the San Diego Union Tribune. https://wt.co/7Cy1UWVu4V

They recently won an award from the Huntington Beach Cultural Film Festival, for the Best Documentary Film.