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Peter Okojie | About
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Peter is a Documentary maker currently based in the U.S. Over the course of his 8 year career he has made over 8 short films which include Fish on Fire, Te’la and Breaking Forth. His work has been featured at festivals which include VIvaFestival and Lakecity Film Festival. His latest work My Kabukabu Life featured at the 2018 edition of the Africa International Film Festival(AFRIFF). He has also freelanced as a DP on a number of Nigerian reality TV shows and music videos produced by Capital Dreams Pictures. Peter has a keen interest in documenting the lives of ordinary, every-day people who are often overlooked by society but who have testimonies that inspire. He takes inspiration from other documentary makers who include John Rowe, Emmanuel Lubezeki, Ben Solomon and Tunde Kelani. Peter studied Cinematography at The Pencil FIlm and Television Institute and also has a BA in Business Studies from Lagos State Polytechnic. Peter was one of 10 people representing Nigeria at Akoma Amplify Fellowship (2017) for Africa’s storytellers and content creators and one of the 16 filmmakers invited for the Global Short Documentary Forum (GSDF) by ONE WORLD MEDIA.